How free Spotify pre-save and Apple Music pre-add works ?

How free Spotify pre-save and Apple Music pre-add works ?

How does Tunelinx free pre-save Works ?

Using, you will be able to create a free Spotify pre-save and Apple Music pre-add landing page for your upcoming music. The landing page will look like below before the song releases.

The landing page can then be shared on your socials with a single link. Fans will be able to pre-save your song using their favourite service.

On release day, the upcoming track or album will be saved to the fans Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer library.

Because free pre-save are smart, on release day, will scan music services like Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube and will automatically fill the urls for the music services. The free pre-save page will be then transformed to a regular free smart link page.

Follow on Spotify allows users than pre-save your music to automatically follow you on music services such as Spotify. Increasing your followers is an important metric for music services and using Tunelinx "Follow on Spotify" is the best way to increase your fanbase.

Save Release to music library

Because will save your upcoming track or album to the music library of the fans that saved your release, it maximizes the chances of getting an algorithmic boost on the music services. Also, by using Tunelinx free pre-save, you make sure your fans will have your music in their library on release day.

Increase your fanbase free pre-save allows you to collect fans email when pre-saving. This is useful for artists that want to update their fanbase when a new song releases.

Analyse your Audience

Each free pre-save created using offer the artists a detailed insights of their audience. Analyze from which country your audience come from or which music service your fans use the most.

How do I create a free Spotify pre-save and Apple Music pre-add?

You can create your free Spotify pre-save, Deezer pre-save and Apple Music pre-add using by following the step by step guide.