Tunelinx affiliation program

Tunelinx affiliation program

How does it works ?

When a user creates an account using your affiliate link (it can be found in the profile/settings), this user become affiliate to your account.

Why Tunelinx affiliate program is useful

There are two types of rewards with Tunelinx affiliate program :

  • Affiliates will receive a discount on their first year or first month if they decide to buy a subscription. Tunelinx Artist Subscription will be billed 2.99$ instead of 4.99$ for their first month. Tunelinx Pro Subscription will be billed 7.99$ instead of 9.99$ for their first month. For yearly subscriptions, Tunelinx Artist Subscription will be billed 42$ instead of 45$ for their first year. Tunelinx Pro Subscription will be billed 90$ instead of 95$ for their first year.
  • If an affiliate buys a subscription, you will receive one month free everytime. You can then claim this free subscription from the settings (Parter Rewards)

Can I have more than one affiliates ?

Yes you can have as much affiliates you want, rewards will be cumulated.

This isn't an issue because any page that you created with Tunelinx has the Tunelinx logo that automatically includes your affiliation code. This means that if anyone creates an account because they saw your pre-save page or smart link, you will receive a reward if they buy a subscription

Can I claim my rewards if I already have an active subscription

To claim your free subscription you will need to wait that your current paid subscription ends.

Any other questions ?

Contact us at support@tunelinx.io