Time saving tips for music artists

Time saving tips for music artists

4 free time management tips like pre-saves for music artists

Being a music artist implies that you are constantly creating, trying, discovering. Being an artist in general, means that you have to make room for creativity. As it is, being an artist, especially when you are starting, but even if you have already a lot of baggage in this area, often comes with a lot of responsibilities. Logistics, tech, marketing, social media, accounting, and all the tasks you need to do when you are your own boss. The main problem with these tasks is that they take so much more time than you’ve ever anticipated, leaving no real time, no real space for creation. The space for creation is essential for music artist. It’s what makes your fanbase faithful, and allows you to stay in the game.

In order to make the time to create, as an artist, you need to come up with a few processes that could help you be more productive, deal more efficiently with some marketing strategy, and at the end facilitate yours daily focuses. That’s why we have listed a few ways and platform to manage your to-do list, and have a strong marketing strategy, such as using free pre-saves or Apple Music pre-add.

Start with free pre-saves to market your music

What is a free pre-save ?

A free pre-save is a free music landing page for artists to market, and follow their upcoming musics, allowing people (especially fans) to save the upcoming sound in their library before it’s even out. It means that once the song is released, it instantly plays in their library with a Spotify free pre-save or an Apple Music pre-add.

How to start with free pre-saves ?

To save you the trouble of searching through Tunelinx or any other platform that may offer free pre-saves, we have one blog item on the subject. It comes with a tutorial that will help you to create your first customizable free pre-save. This way, you will be able to start market your music very easily.

Spotify pre-saves and Apple Music pre-adds : time savior ?

By using free pre-saves to market your music first you create momentum, which allows you to deal more efficiently with the marketing launch of your new sound. Creating a free pre-save takes around a few minutes, and share it a few more. It’s way more efficient that trying to put together a whole communication launch. Plus, this is an approach much used in the music world, an approach that’s familiar among fanbases, they are used to save sounds during a pre-save launch. It gives you a lot of credibility and save a lot of time when you are teasing new sounds.

Of course, this doesn’t prevent you to put a strong communication launch in place to market your music, but it can absolutely permit to save time in the long run, also to entertain your fanbase. And it’s not the only perk of creating free Spotify pre-saves or free Apple music pre-saves. We have listed a few on another paper on the blog, you just have to check it out.

Plan your social media presence in advance using free organizing tools

Try Notion to create a social media calendar

Some artists are not really regular in their social media posts. As we were writing it’s quite difficult to find the time to deal with everything with all the small tasks you have to accomplish everyday. As free pre-saves, we encourage artists to use some other free tools to help them, at least in the beginning.

Notion is a very famous organizing platform, and quite used nowadays. It’s free for a long time and if you keep it for personal/professional use. It’s a very strong time management tool that can provide a lot more than only creating a social media calendar. But today, let’s focus on that particular use essentially.

You just have to create a Notion account and click on the ⁺ to create a new page. Then you will be offered various possibilities, in one of them the word “Templates” appears. On the search bar tap “Content Calendar”. You will have a first and easy version of a Content Calendar for you to complete. Our advice to you is to use a Youtube tutorial to help you through its creation. It will take a bit of time, but in the long run will save you from a lot of discomfort planning posts and launches in the last minute. By the way, here’s one tutorial we like to use. You don’t have to be so thorough when you create something for yourself but it’s a good way to feel inspired and to have a better understanding on how to use Notion on a daily basis.

Use Meta Business Suite on Facebook to plan all your posts

If you have Instagram, it’s probably link to your Facebook account. And well, if you like to post on Facebook, you obviously can get the Creator Studio on your computer. It only works on Facebook and Instagram, you will have more difficulty planning posts if you are using Tiktok or Youtube because of the videos. Our advice about videos is to directly save it in the platform and post it according to your Notion content calendar.

If you are only posting on Instagram or Facebook, you can use Meta Business Suite (The Creator Studio) though. In the creator studio you can plan your posts on social media, create advertising and other campaign on social media. It’s a great time management tool because it allows you to free some space in your mind to create knowing that everything as already been planned.

Monitor all your statistics to evaluate your online presence to know where to strikes

Monitor your launch thanks to free pre-save

Even if you start creating pre-save for free, it allows you to have a view of your statistics pre-launch. You can check where it works and where it didn’t. We say it’s a great time management tool because although it takes time to analyse the numbers, it allows you to strike in selected areas where you are certain to have traffic and a lot more viewership. This way, you don’t waste any time trying too many new approach and focus on the ones that actually worked to pre-launch your music with free pre-saves.

Set some creative flow moments in your week

One great way to book some time to create and respect it, is actually to put it into your calendar as a slot and stick to it. Our advice is to create a special creative flow slot on a day, or a time of day you feel more productive, more in a creative mindset. You can switch it week after week, but we recommend that you create a slote of maximum 3 or 4 hours with a recurrence every single week.

During this slot, it’s a focus time ! Put your phone away, turned off notifications, refuse calls and let’s get creative !

Your calendar can be a pretty great tool regarding time management, you can plan your whole week, add different slots (for example, an accounting slot) that you respect every week, every day or every month. You gain time, productivity and focus by choosing this process.

Create your own procedure documents to save time

Everytime when you have to contracts, accounting, or other legal or procedure documents, it’s a very painful moment for you. We’ve all been there. Administrative phobia is a real thing and can be quite tiring. To protect you from the anxiety that comes with it, our advice is to create some template documents that you can reuse very easily on occasion. This way you just have to fill the blanks and you’re saving time while creating your invoices for example.

For the legal parts (rights…), you should absolutely get some help from outside if you can to protect your creations though !

If you can reach all of these time management tools and tips, as creating free pre-saves or setting up creative slots in your calendar, you should be able to create on a weekly basis to entertain your fanbase. Organizing always seems really hard, but once it’s set up you will realize how much of a time savior it is !