5 reasons to use free pre-save to market your music

5 reasons to use free pre-save to market your music

First, we’ve got to address the elephant in the room : what’s a pre-save, and why is it useful to market your music ? Pre-saves are fastly becoming one of the most important tool for artists, especially music artists.

It has been known that free pre-save and pre-save in general helps you for many reasons that we are going to explore in this particular paper. There are various forms of free music landing pages, and a various companies that offers the possibility to create it for free, but, most of time “free pre save” is just a way to test the product. With Tunelinx, we offer you the possibility to create them really, for free. It’s a great way to start using them, especially if you are only started a music business.

What is a free pre-save ?

A free pre-save is a way for artists to market, and announce their upcoming musics and allows people, and fans to save the upcoming sound in their library before it’s even out. This way, once it’s out to the world, the sound will automatically be played in their Spotify (or other) library.

Artists are creating free pre-saves, and then sharing them all around them so they can reach more audience in a long period of time. That’s a marketing move which is used by artists all other the world, not depending on the size of their fanbase.

Our advice, if you are starting with music, of if you want to try pre-save, is to start with free pre-save, so that you can really the goal and perks of using them. And then, probably switch to paid pre-save, once you’ve reached your marketing goals and want to go further with them.

Regarding the perks, we have some right there that should convince you to use free pre-save to market your music !

To create some excitement for your audience

A strong marketing technique as always, is to create what we call “momentum”. It means create a moment, a date with your fanbase, that creates a feeling of excitement.

By using free music landing pages and sharing them before the sound drops out, allowing people to wait for a bit before the music is released, is a real tool for a marketing strategy. The real plus here, is that, by saving the sound through the free Spotify pre-save or free Apple Music pre-save, the sound will immediately go into their Spotify (or other) library. So, once it’s out, they will be able to listen to it immediately, all thanks to your free pre-save.

Analyse your datas with more efficiency

Instead of having to gather all your datas on every streaming platform, you can start by analyzing only the ones from your free pre-saves. These, will help you evaluate how your promotional campaign is going and readjust if needed for the next ones. You can decide where your marketing efforts are going to go when you market a song, only by using the data from your free pre-saves. Once again, free music landing page can be a game changer for your marketing strategy.

Build a 360° presence online with free pre-saves

Once you start creating your free pre-save, you will soon discover that marketing your music, allowing people to add the sound in their music library, or just having a good visual ads before the sounds drop is not all that you can do.

If we are talking about people who don’t already know your music, and are finding your free pre-save on occasion then, like what they listen to, they will find a lot more information about you, scrolling through your social media. To attract these new people, that’s a fact that using customizable free pre-saves is a good way to reach a goal of growth.

Free music landing pages will push your social media presence for example, just by having people who are not a part of your fanbase listening to your music thanks to your free pre-save.  This way, you will gain some new perspectives in your communication strategy.

To have your own tools even if you don’t have a website or a weak social media presence

If you are starting in the music business or if you just don’t want to waste time investing in the creation of a website, and judge that social media should be enough, free pre-save is a great tool for you.

With free pre-save you create kine of a window on what you are up to at the moment. It’s a way to still bring news to your community, to keep them posted, but without having to manage some tech tools.

With Tunelinx, the free pre-save version allows you to do a lot, but if you want to go further and create your own URL, the paid version will be much more suited for you. It’s like having a website, but without the limitations of it all.

Boost your Spotify profile

We were talking about the fact that by using free Spotify pre-save, once the song is released it goes immediately into people Spotify library, which is already a great perk of creating free Spotify pre-save. It means that you are sure that people who saved it, will listened to it eventually.

What you probably don’t know yet, and it’s still being confirmed, but there is a good chance that Spotify is giving much more viewership to artists who are using Spotify pre-saves in their marketing strategy. The Spotify’s algorithm has a reputation of supporting the sounds where there is a wait from the audience, that are highly attending. The use of pre-save will help you to build this wait, and then will push your sound and your profile in the spotlight.

What we’ve already seen is that free pre-saves might be allowing you to make people join your fanbase, your community. But what about the fanbase you’ve already built ?

First and foremost, they will be the early birds of your Spotify pre-save or Apple Music pre-save. They will save your sound first in their library, and probably listen to it before anyone else does. So they are the key to everything you’re launching using free music landing page. If they save the sound, it will boost your Spotify presence, probably attract more people by sharing it around them too.

Second, they need to be entertain. As an artist, releasing free pre-saves on occasions, allows you to maintain a strong connexion with your fanbase, and give them a sense of original news that comes out regularly. Using pre-saves is a great way to keep this link with your community and continue to build it, step by step.

We can definitively say that free Spotify pre-saves or free Apple Music pre-add are a great way both to keep your fanbase and feeding it with some news regularly, and to increase your presence on streaming music platforms and social media. So, it’s probably a great tool to try if you are just launching, or if you are already familiar with marketing process, to use on a release basis. Either way, you can both make your pre-save for free on Tunelinx, or improve your marketing strategy with the paid version of pre-saves. What we know for sure, you will have no regrets using pre-saves to market your music tomorrow. Especially when you see how easy it is to do !